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Space and time do not exist for spiritual human being. Even for mythical humans, space is non-existence, despite his awareness of self-contained, cycling seasonal time and its motion. Whereas mythical humans lived from this inner movement, cosmic-prayermental man thought by virtue of spatial, external actualities, everything for him became space, including time.

In other words, we build the boxes in which we each live. We limit what we can see and if we cannot see it, it does not exist. That is until we see it.

Modern thinking is perspectival in its essence, knowing only walls and selective, divided objects through conceptual schemes that must be grasped, like objects in space. Perspectival thinking spatializes, then employs what is has spatialized.

Possessed by space and matter, mental man spatialized and quantified everything, including time.

‘Time’ in our sense is an instrument we have created with which we are able to shape the three-dimensional perspectival world and permit it to become a reality.

The problem is that time, understood in its essence, is not comparable to spatial dimensions, extensions, quantities, masses, or economic units. In fact, time is not akin to any kind of ‘amount’ at all, and to conceive of it in this way is a deformation.

True time does not curve space; it is open and opens space through its capacity of rendering it transparent, and thereby supersedes nihilistic ‘emptiness’, re-attaining openness in an intensified consciousness structure.”

Just as we see our universe having a beginning and an ending only because humanity has a beginning and an ending. That is our bodies, at least. However, what we are that is not our bodies go on forever. We have been, will be and always will be. Just as the universe. It is, was and will always be and we will only understand it outside of our box.

Step outside of your box and see what you discover.