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Your life is never half over. 

Every day you are just beginning life. You experience life in made-up increments of time. 


 All the while, you are simply an Earthling having a dream. You are new every day. There is another day and another day. Each day is new, and so are you new every day. Today you are not who you seemed to be yesterday. You are, indeed, every day a new rose unfolding and unfolding before My very eyes. And, you are, indeed, a rose whose very leaves and blossoms pass away, for life on Earth is finite. Life on Earth was set up this way. Life on Earth is a temporary fling. 

This presentation of life as a storm whirling you around also presents you and your personality with a daily opportunity to rise and reach higher to where there is more than what eyes on Earth see clearly. The Unseen Unknown is also present. Omnipresent. This moment on Earth gives an opportunity for you and your spirit to soar. Even as you are glommed to Earth, stuck in a place that is not yet big enough for you, you, nevertheless, have some awareness of Who you really are. 

Looking at your life in the spiritual world, you are always. There is no definition of you to blow away as there is on Earth in this imagined day to day existence. You may think, while you are on Earth, that you are out in space somewhere. You converge on Earth.

Well, of course, you are a divergent on Earth. You may have a house, a hovel or a mansion, and still Earth is not your Home. You visit here for a while and take the sights in. All the while you are staying with Me. You are at the top of a Heavenly Mountain no matter where your mind says you are. 

Of course, you still believe in bodies. You fight for that body of yours in a multitude of ways, as if your body were Truth. Of course, your body is a little figure made out of mud or dust while the soul of you that I created embraces Me in Heaven. You believe in the figure I made and tend to neglect the spirit I hold close to Me. So this is life in the world, as if you were no more than a body that experiences and mostly holds onto life on Earth, as if life were without a framework. You may see life like without substance, in which case, you are mistaken. Look deeper, beloveds. 

Look deeper, and you will soar along with your light-hearted spirit, this wise spark of Holiness within you. When I say a wise spark of Holiness, I mean the wisdom of your heart and soul as they speak to you and raise you higher. Your heart and soul pull you to Me. 

Where is your soul located? Within you and everywhere. Soul is not finite. You are not finite. Your body is finite. Life on Earth is finite. Through the finite, you will find the Infinite. It is lovely to be Infinite in the Infinite. Being is Infinite. Body is not. Your personality, as marvelous as it is, is not Infinite. The Truth of you is Infinite, for that body, no matter how nice it may be, is not you, not you at all. 

Life on Earth often does not have a great reputation, for the inhabitants of the world often are looking at only half an equation. 

Naturally, you don’t want to miss out on anything even as you are only temporarily on Earth. While you are interning on Earth, you want all the joy that you can wring from Earth. The best things are free certainly applies to the Infinity you are and do approach as you are on Earth. This is the meaning of Heaven on Earth.

Namaste πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒž