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I had a dream, a vivid and powerful dream. I have had many this last week.

Our Creator was walking with me and we visited many places on earth. He showed me the kindest that still exists. However He also showed me the evil that exists in man.

He told me He had given humanity many chances to change but he had not. He said that this time He has had enough and that He will allow us as He has from the begining to practice our free will and that our future depends not on Him but on us.

He said that He could not destroy humanity as mankind is doing it better than He ever could.

We have within each of us the compassion and the love to change our world for the better as well as the capacity to destroy and it seems that the majority has chosen this later path.

He said that he never spoke of religion and the divides that it causes and that one man is not better than another. Man has done this.

When a human decides to kill in His name her turns His head in shame of us.

When a human can behead a child because of a belief, there is nothing He can do but allow us to destroy ourselves.

When a man takes the right of life away from the innocent then he has no rights to our Creator divine love or his own life.

He showed me that we are indeed one and slowly we are killing ourselves not just on earth but in the afterlife.

When man allows the collapse of morality and supports what is wrong instead of what is right in the name of political correctness the only solution is allow us to perish at our own hands.

How would you feel if you were shown this and new that we are doomed because of our lack of spirit, compassion and of love? How do you feel knowing that our destruction is not because of you but because of others and we did nothing?


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