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Good evening my friends, I asked earlier on what to write this night and it was requested that I write of commitment and effort, to word-of-the-yearname a few. I think I will focus on these two, as they are really the same.

In life, as we all know, to be committed to anything, a spouse, a job a hobby or any endeavor, takes effort. It is the type of effort we put into anything in life that mirrors who we are in our hearts and minds.

For instance, as we all know all too well, that many in this once great country of ours take living here for granted. They want something for nothing and if they don’t get it, they destroy and take it. They blame others for the misery that they themselves cause and pass on to each generation. These people will never be happy for they are putting all of their effort into all that is negative and friends; they are very committed to it.

To love ones country should be as natural as loving ones mother and father. After all, our country SHOULD, nourish us and protect us. If our nation as a whole loved our God and country, I do believe that our so-called leaders would be much different and our country in better shape than it is now. There was a time when our nation reflected its people and its people reflected its government. To love and honor our parents, is a virtue just as we should love and honor the land that we each call home.

So, what of commitment? Maybe we should think about what commitment is and how it affects us.

To be bound intellectually, emotionally or both to a particular person, home, city, nation or any particular course of action is commitment. It starts with a thoughtfully made choice and ideally one that is aligned with a virtuous purpose. It must be sustained by perseverance, dedication for commitment is active, and it is expressed and realized in all of our thoughts and actions.

Many thing of commitment as just an obligation, it is so much more than that. It is the giving of ourselves, sometimes at a high personal risk or cost, to a person or to a purpose that we find worthy of that gift. Like many other forms of giving, commitment can produce some of life’s greatest satisfactions and great things can be born of it. Without it, relationships and nations crumble.

Let us each strive and out all of our efforts to being committed to our families, each other and to our country.