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Just imagine with me for a moment, if you will. At this very second, each of us are at a spot in the Universe that no other human, since the beginning of time, has ever been. No heartbeat has beat in this point in time or in the Universe.

6a00d8341bf7f753ef01b8d089914f970cAwesome is it not? I think so. With all of this travel that we do just think of all the worlds there are to be imagined. Why not let them captivate us.

Imagine all of the discoveries yet to be made. Why not allow our curiosity guide us to them.

Every second life is beginning a new, life that existed and life that did not. Why not let us experience the freshness of it.

My friends, today, each day, is a gift, a gift that you have never been given before. Why not explore, discover, learn laugh, love, build save and live it all and experience all that it holds for us.

Grab on to this spot in space and time and explore the wonder that it offers and all of its possibilities.

You and I have traveled a long way in space and time to get to this point so why not stop all of our bickering and fighting. Why not live as one because it took all of us to get here. Today and each day is a new spot so make these moments of ours worth all of our effort and more!