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Virtue, over the last weeks I have been witness to the worst and the best that humanity has to offer. Sadly, I have come to see that humanity seems to offer more negativity that it does goodness. I knew this already to be honest but to see it in action in local events and in cosmic-prayermy own work environment sickened me. This is one reason that I write as I do, to get each of you to see what I perceive in our humanity and to make your own insightful judgments of not just the world in general but the world within you.

Our humanity has lost its moral compass, its spiritual connection to ourselves and each other. As a whole we have forgotten what it is to be virtuous. I am compelled at this moment to write a bit to remind us all what virtue is.

Our excellence or quality of a moral goodness is virtue. We have individual, family, community, societal and human virtues. However it is our individual virtues that affect the whole so when I speak of individual virtues I am talking about the qualities that we each aspire to, the goodness we want to do and to pass on to others. We must each recognize it for ourselves and when we do it must be cultivated for it to become a part of us and a part of our everyday life and for it to become part of the whole.

Each of us has a core set of virtues or principles that serve as our life’s mission. It is when we violate these that we violate ourselves and others. There are many virtues that form the matrix of our moral core and each are in competition with one another to an extent. However, if we have the spiritual connections to each other and within ourselves we can better balance the scales within ourselves and within our world to promote all that is good.

Not one of us is the same as any other and not one of us is better than any other but it seems many think it so and I honestly believe it is due to a lack of a moral compass or a convoluted mass of ego’s. We must each weigh each of our individual virtues against the other by realizing how they positively serve each other, ourselves and our life mission and responsibility to one another. Our mission changes as our lives go on and as we interact and grow. Sometimes it may be served by cultivation tolerance or patience while at other times it is better served in practicing loving-kindness, exercising activism or judgments upon another or on a situation.

So, we must each first remember what a virtue is and how to cultivate these positive virtues within to ever change our world for the better. Today look within and outside of you and around your world. What is it that you see and how does it make you feel? Why? Then make a choice to do what is right and do what you can to bring positive virtues back into our humanity.

I wish each of you your best day today and each day. God bless you and all of those to whom you are our will ever be connected to…remember that we are all connected.