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Each of us goes about our days never thinking anything more about our lives than what we do routinely from day to day. We never think about what more there is to life. We never think beyond the moments, one to the next.
Each of us, you and I, are so much more than what we allow ourselves to see each day. Each of us has lost loved ones and as time goes by the memory of them seems to fade, not by choice but by time and healing in this plain of existence in which we live.
However, I think we, should each remember that life and those that have gone from us, for this moment, are so much more than what we think.
Friends, one of the many things that all of humanity has had in common since our beginning is death and for the majority of us we share a secret knowledge of something more when we are gone. How can there not be more. We feel it, each of us, when we lose a loved one be it human or pet. Each of us are part of the Divine and we each return to this Divine when our time is completed here..

Yes, there is a heaven and we glimpse it each day. In the first breaths of a child, in their eyes when they laugh and cry, in the sky, one the ground in our hearts and our thoughts, yes it is real. Some of you are atheists and say that there is not a God and that when we are done we are done.
To you I ask that you look in the eyes of your children, look deep and see without thinking and without judging. Can you tell me that when that little one was born that his or her soul did not come from somewhere awesome? Can you tell me that you truly believe with all of your heart that your little one will one day cease to exist, period?
If your honest with yourselves and you truly look past the color of their eyes and into their being, their souls your answer will always be that there has to be more. You see, we are all spiritual beings on earth inhabiting a physical body so that we can each experience what it is to be human, to have free will and to make the choices in our lives that drives humanity further and further to the divine that is within us all.
Life never ends and never ceases to exist. Honestly, it is a scientific fact that all energy goes on in one form to another, changing states. Some have been lucky to glimpse the other side. Some feel it around them. Some have not but I want you to know that each of us is part of the whole! Each of us has a purpose here on this earth. Each thing has a purpose.
Most human’s definitions of God vary day to day. When we are little, He is a very personal person. As we get older, He becomes the Universe, the Universe within each of us, however I think that Dante said it best, “the love that moves the sun and all the states, and moves in my heart and in yours.”
Maybe if we all remember what it is like to see the wonder of our lives, the wonder that is within each day. Maybe then, we would see that we are FOREVER!